Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Garden Lit Up

The last pictures I posted were also snowy. It seems that winter has started a little early here in Kincardine and looks like it will stay. Not the snow that melts and comes again and melts and so on till Christmas time or January when it finally stays for a while.

The pictures I posted in Snow Gardens were taken after a week of snowfall and one overnight dumping. There was so much snow I had a difficult time getting to my front planters to remove the fall decorations. When I did get to them, they were so frozen solid I couldn't get anything out or put my winter greenery in.

Then came the milder temps and the rains and by the next weekend some of the snow had melted and my planters were thawed out. It was a mad dash to clean them out and get the greenery in. The newly purchased lighted branches would actually be installed! Thank you Mother Nature.

So, last night when we went outside to watch the Santa Claus parade pass in front of our house, I took a couple of shots of the finished product. Considering the wind was howling and it was snowing like crazy (again) this picture turned out okay.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow Gardens

Mother Nature has designed a new garden for us. This one is mostly white. It includes sculptures created of snow falling without any wind involved.

Although I recognize some of the objects underneath the white stuff, others had me stumped for a while.

About a foot of the white stuff fell over night.
Year after year the transformation (which began earlier in the week) always amazes me. I don't mind when the snow arrives because it covers the dull and bleak landscape that November brings.

I started out using the camera's setting for snow and somehow later ended up on the auto setting which explains the colour difference in the photos. The light played a part too as the sky was quite dark earlier in the morning. As the day went on clouds thinned and the sun poked out a couple of times.

The shot above was taken with the sports (action) feature and nicely catches the falling snow.

Pretty it is until a few months have passed and we've had enough of it and yearn for spring to appear once again.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Looking Back

Looking back on the garden before it's covered in snow - again.
Oh wait a minute... that's when it all started. My first blog was of winter pics. Check it out at Winter. And the seasons they go round and round.

In Magazine Stand I set my sights on the perfect renovation for my little shed and stuck to my guns and did it! With a little help from the men in my family. Here is the story First Things First.

Spring brings sprouts and Waiting for everything to come to life including me!

Additions to the garden in 2008.

New trellis for the kiwi vine

Let's Face It

Little Boxes

Lady in the Garden

It's All About Convenience

and of course... Dexter

And a few thing which have been around for a while

Bits and pieces


Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's all over now - except for the cleanup. Once the Halloween stuff is put away the focus will shift to hunting for greenery to dress up the window boxes and urns. Yes, my friends the next(Canadian) holiday is only 53 days away!

We had a grand total of 5 trick or treaters at our door last night. Not that we ever get a lot - the neighbourhood kids have all grown up. My co-workers will be enjoying some sugary delights on Monday! The weather was fantastic - warm and dry. The ghosts and goblins can be packed away dry and tidy until next year.

Happy November 1st! Gotta go now and take down those spider webs!

PS...Check out these incredible carvings.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Prep

Last night we carved the pumkins. So much work for one night!!! It went pretty good though... no major mishaps although Craig likes the sharp knives and ended up with a couple of little gashes. He gallantly finished the task with a paper towel wrapped around his hand! The carvings are now ready for display on Friday night. Hope the kids (young and old) like them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Devil of a Dog

Very off the topic of gardening...
Don't be afraid... it's just Dexter
a little angel dressed up as a devil for Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Buds

These may be the last buds of the season even so this cosmos will leave behind the seeds of future gardens.