Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow Gardens

Mother Nature has designed a new garden for us. This one is mostly white. It includes sculptures created of snow falling without any wind involved.

Although I recognize some of the objects underneath the white stuff, others had me stumped for a while.

About a foot of the white stuff fell over night.
Year after year the transformation (which began earlier in the week) always amazes me. I don't mind when the snow arrives because it covers the dull and bleak landscape that November brings.

I started out using the camera's setting for snow and somehow later ended up on the auto setting which explains the colour difference in the photos. The light played a part too as the sky was quite dark earlier in the morning. As the day went on clouds thinned and the sun poked out a couple of times.

The shot above was taken with the sports (action) feature and nicely catches the falling snow.

Pretty it is until a few months have passed and we've had enough of it and yearn for spring to appear once again.

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