Sunday, March 2, 2008

Magazine Stand

It feels like I have been waiting for ever for new issues of my favourite gardening magazines to arrive on the stands. Finally they appeared – all at once! Within the last week I purchased two Canadian Gardening and one Gardening Life magazines plus a few others (6 in total – I went a little crazy!). I know I should subscribe, at least to my two favorites, and I will, someday. This time of year I really start thinking and planning for the season to come and it never fails that I find inspiring ideas in magazines.
I have stacks and stacks of them – they are an essential learning tool. I keep them and look at them over and over; although I clipped pictures and articles out of some of the older ones to put in my “binder of gardening ideas” and used some for mod podging – then recycled the chopped up magazines. These days I am more particular about which ones I buy (and I should be as I am running out of space to store them all!)

My “binder of gardening ideas” is filled with magazine clippings of gardens and ideas, and with information on pests, pest control, growing, “how to make” articles, and most important, plant tags. The cover is mod podged with clippings from magazines and graphics that I printed.

While perusing the newly purchased magazines, I discovered another way to spend some time and money. Why not overhaul my garden shed? Actually, it makes perfect sense to me. As soon as the snow melts I plan to organize my little (I mean little, at only 6' x 3') garden shed. With the right materials and design, I'm sure I can maximize storage and create a more efficient space.

I probably wouldn’t have added this project to my already long list of things to do if I hadn’t recently seen two magazine articles displaying beautifully organized sheds. I thought, I want one of those!

Both Canadian Gardening’s Special Annual Issue – “fantastic garden projects” and Martha Stewart Living Garden Issue March 2008 have articles on organizing the garden shed.

I like the metal reinforcement grid attached to the wall – I will start with this and add shelves, bins, wire baskets, a paper towel holder to hold spools of string and wire and a garbage can with a swing lid or a step on style. I also want to incorporate the corner bin (crafted from a piece of wood cut to fit at an angle) to hold stakes, rolls of burlap etc. with bungee cords attached to the wall with screw eyes to rein it all in. I like the corner shelves too. All of these ideas are great but like I said, I am dealing with a very small shed I may not be able to incorporate all of these items. I better get planning!

Mice have been living in my shed the last couple of years. I hate mice and part of my overhaul will include installing a deterrent such as moth balls, cloves, garlic, mint baking soda, vinegar or peppermint oil (or all of the above!) in the shed to keep the mice away.

Stay tuned, I’ll let you know how it goes.


Lorraine said...


I love your binder of ideas, and am so thrilled that the potting station story I wrote for Canadian Gardening has inspired you so much! I loved putting it together, and my favourite organizer is the potlid holder, which I use for gardening gloves.
Lorraine Flanigan
Web Consultant,
Canadian Gardening Online

Colin and Carol said...

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley. - Robbie Burns.

Hope you can execute your plans before the mice can do theirs!

Anonymous said...

get them there mice sis...........

Carol Soules said...

Glad to have found your blog on blotanical. I too love to go thru gardening magazines and collect pictures as well as inspiration! I'll be checking in. Stop by for a visit.