Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tour My Garden Part Three

A young king crimson maple planted about 5 years ago. I mentioned this in Tour My Garden Part One

This year Craig replaced the trellis that the kiwi vine was growing on. He gave the vine a good pruning but not hard - there was still a lot of heavy vine when he literally laid it down on the ground while he installed the new trellis. Needless to say, it made a strong comeback. I haven't got a clue how to properly prune it, I just enjoy the ornamental quality. It's loaded with fruit this year - some of the kiwis still hanging on - maybe they will even get half as big as the ones in the grocery store?

These raised boxes previously yielded vegetables. I inherited the boxes after Craig decided he didn't want to grow veggies any more (maybe too busy erecting trellises and hauling stuff for me?). The plan is to eventually fill them with mostly cutting flowers.

Looking into the backyard from the pathway on the east side.

Mr. Turtle sprinkles one half of the garden...

and Mr Frog looks after the other half.

The start of my cutting beds. Zinnias, delphinium, glads, dahlias, lavender and more to come.

Looking down from near the back of the house.

and looking up the backyard towards the east side of the house...

where we will tour in Part Four

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kompoStella said...

i'm enjoying the tour!
excuse me being daft but kiwis?!?? i had no idea, i thought they only grew in hot hot hot places? very interesting!