Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tour My Garden Part Two

Here we go down the west side into the back garden where again, there is a mix of sun and shade courtesy of a large black walnut, austrian pine and another so far unidentified tree. A young king crimson maple will provide even more shade as time goes on.

Surviving under the Black Walnut are hostas, orange lillies, sweet woodruff, virginia creeper, viburnum lantana (wayfaring tree), pyamidal cedar, sedge and sedum.

You won't see them all in the following pictures but jammed into this part of the garden are lamium, blue spruce, monkshood, berginia, dogwoods, lobelia, persicaria 'painter's palette, meadow rue, shasta daisies, sweet pea, foxglove, rudbekia 'prairie sun' lilac, bugbane, sedum, snow-in-summer, weeping nootka, blue oat grass, sambucas black beauty and a magnolia.

Looking back at where we just came from.

Now we'll go around the corner of this garden...

and see what's in behind. The planting area here decreases each year as the trees and shrubs mature. A gardener's work is never done and the garden is ever evolving.

In Part Three we'll have a look at the raised boxes and east side garden.

Tour My Garden Part One


Lady Bug said...

The feet stepping stones are adorable where did you find them?

Shirley said...

Hi lady bug,
A friend came by one day and brough one foot and asked if I would like to have all eight. Not sure of where they were originally purchased but I was sure right away that they belonged in that garden! Some things are just meant to be.