Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Good Growing Season

It has been a phenomenal grownig season with abundant rain - not the hot dry weather we are so used to. Everything did well this year. Some shrubs grew to twice the size they were last year. We didn't have a vegetable garden however it would have been a good year to have one.

Fruit, on the other hand was in abundance. In the almost 10 years since this kiwi vine was planted, never has the fruit hung on so long. Bunches of them. Though ot nearly big enough or ripe enough eat they provide ornamental value to the garden. I was close when I guessed in Tour My Garden Part Three that some might make it to half the size of the kiwis we buy at the grocery store. Quite likely this vine was rejuvenated by the pruning Craig gave it when he was replacing the trellis.

Although the kousa dogwood has flowered in past years, I have never noticed so many or such beautiful seed pods. They won't be as prominent once the leaves turn their blazing fall colour but until then they're eye catching.


Anonymous said...

Those seed pods are certainly very attractive and such a lovely colour too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Shirley ! I have finally found another Canadian garden that has these little kiwi .. I planted an ornamental vine for foliage and two fruit bearing ones to twine with our grape vine .. it just started sprouting fruit a little last year and more this year .. so next year it should be a bonus year ? LOL
Greta pictures !