Monday, October 6, 2008

Tour My Garden Part Four

The patio garden is a haven for birds, bees and butterfiles with monarda, purple coneflower and penstomen tucked in around ornamental grasses, heather, persicaria and oak leaf hydrangea.

and of course a bird bath

the moss grew exceptionally well this year

Stepping stones lead up through the garden on the east side of the house where day lillies, hydrangea, sedum, butterfly bush and kousa dogwood thrive in the sun. In the shadier areas goatsbeard, solomon's seal, helleborus, meadowrue, ferns and hostas feel at home.

Another little garden plot on the back of the house sits on a slope from the back of the house and is home to mostly shade loving plants. Bugbane, hostas, heuchera, ligularia, japanese painted ferns and hakonechloa macra. A sweet pea winds its way up the trellis beside this garden.

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is so full of lush growth. Everywhere you look there is something interesting. I especially love your natural stone patio with the moss in between. I have moos between my patio stones which I love, but I couldn't get good shots of it. We have many shade loving plants in common.