Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Three Bees

B stands for birds bees and butterflies and there is no shortage in the garden. No shortage of earwigs either but let's save that for another (rainy) day.

I love the way the wings are crossed on it's back and it looks like it's little arms are holding on to the flower.

When snapping so many shots in an effort to catch the right angle or simply get the picture before it takes flight again you may end up with unexpected objects in the picture.

Upon closer examination of this one there appears to be a fly dangling from a flower.

And here is a bee heading straight for the butterfly... unaware when releasing the shutter that this was the case.

While sitting on the patio, camera at side, along came a monarch butterfly. Thirty-seven frames later taken from a distance of about 20 feet or so using the optical zoom, I managed some okay images of the winged monarch. Much patience was required as it fed for quite some time (or so it seemed) at each flower, sometimes at not the most flattering angle for a photo. Shortly before ending the photo session, another monarch arrived and then a third. Three monarchs fluttering around the was too much for me to handle so that's when I decided to get back to work (in the garden). I am not sure how long I actually sat there. I do know that if I am going to be on that patio for any length of time, the camera comes with me. Even so, the elusive hummingbird shot right past me and I've missed the dragonfly, various birds and on and on.

You can barely make out the head of the baby robin in this photo. It was hard to get because of the branches in the way - maybe just how mama robin planned it.

This little bird looks like it is posing for me ha ha. Will have to ask Craig what bird it is or resort to looking it up in the book. Ask me the name of a plant and I'll probably have the answer but when it comes to birds, I know only a few (add to list of things to get better at).

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kompoStella said...

ok, you might have missed some of the creatures but look at what you've got! amazing shots, really interesting to look at, especially up close.
to me the wee bird looks like a grey common house sparrow. but a) i'm no expert either & b) i tend to (want to) see them everywhere since someone told me they are threatened.
thanks for sharing!