Thursday, July 17, 2008


I don't know if this is the robin who's nest I recently posted pictures of And Then There Was Fog but I guess it could be - or it could be one of many other robins that frequent and nest in our yard. What I do know is that they seem to have a little bit of an ego. For instance, this one actually posed for me. I would take a shot and it would turn, move a little closer etc. until I ended up with several pictures at different angles. This (or one of the 'other' robins) likes to sit on the side mirror of my truck and look at itself and pick at the mirror. It will jump/fly from the mirror to the roof and back again and again. Ego? Obsessive compulsive? Maybe it's something in the water. It will be in the driveway when I get home from work just waiting to take it's place on the mirror. Oh yes, and it poops on the mirror; again and again.

While taking shots of the modest robin, I turned to see this bunny out having breakfast.

Yes, there is an abundance of critter life around. Craig has twice seen deer nearby. Once in the neighbour's yard on one side of us and once in the neighbour's yard on the other side. I haven't seen the deer yet but am now always watching. We live in the middle of town but there is a ravine nearby and I know that deer have been nibbling (chomping) at the garden of a neighbour across the street. Her garden was on the local garden tour this past weekend and I laughed when I saw the sign she had posted near the nibbled plants - 'Deer Feeding Area'.

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