Sunday, July 20, 2008

Through the Garden Gate

Last Sunday (yes, I am late posting) I left my garden to view some other gardens on the local garden tour. Attending every year and always come away with many beautiful images and ideas etched in my mind.

This year while I was gone, Craig fixed the bird bath water feature, cut the grass, secured my new "garden lady" in the ground, moved the
face on the tree to where it could be seen (it became hidden behind the virginia creeper) and did the dishes. Am I spoiled or what?!

We began the tour at this lovely garden full of wonderful plantings lovingly looked after by the man of the house. All I can say is - he must be retired because it is a huge garden and very well maintained. Boy I wish I could grow lavender like that (add to list of things to get better at).

Even the land behind the guardrail on the road is planted up and looking good.

The owners of this garden were going to clear out the area between their property and the neighbour's due to the fact that there were several dead trees and it was a mess and a bit of an eyesore. In the end, both parties agreed to transform it into a natural area and pathway. They now can both access it from their respective yards and enjoy the beauty. Walking through it we found ourselves re-living our childhoods - what a great place for kids! It's like a little fairy tale forest. It includes a swing and seating area (furniture obvioulsy made from the fallen or dead trees. I could have stayed there all day - it was so cozy and being out of the sun, cool.

Good, there must be grandchildren to enjoy the natural woods because here is a pair of boots - probably outgrown - in the garden. Nice touch.

This waterfall is fed from a natural spring. No wonder the garden is so lush. Am I envious?

Every garden needs some whimsy. Heather and Missy this one is for you both. A garden isn't complete without a garden gnome - or a collecton of garden gnomes. Not sure what that thing in the centre is.

Do you think if I ask nicely, Craig will build a birdhouse like this one for me?

This isn't a garden you say. No it isn't but it is what you see when you visit many of the gardens in the town where I live. This is Lake Huron and it forms the backdrop for the next garden on the tour.

This garden is absolutely stunning. There is no grass to cut. I can imagine myself gardening with the lake beside me.

This garden boasts a breathtaking view, a bunkie/playhouse for the grandkids, an abundance of perennials and annuals, a gazebo, various privacy fences and many sculptures and ornaments. It is a little paradise on the lake.

Anyone for a swim after a hard days gardening? The lake is literally at the back door.

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