Saturday, August 2, 2008

Praise for Zinnias and Dahlias

Okay, so I like taking photos in the garden. Lots of them. And close up. Chances are if I go to the garden with the camera, it may be a hundred or more pictures later when I put it down.
Here are some of my favourite flowers. Zinnias and dahlias. I love cosmos, day lillies and morning glories too and will try to post a feature on them in the near future.

This burgandy dahlia is in my garden and the next two, one yellow and one pink, are in my neighbour's garden.

This is the zinnia bed in my garden. I love zinnias and try to find a spot each year to plant them. What isn't to love is the powdery mildew they often get - yet they are still worth the effort of planting the seed, watering and thinning and/or transplanting.

Even when you think the flower is full of petals and looks beautiful, many more petals have yet to open as seen in the second photo.

Pretty at any stage of the growing game.

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