Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's all over now - except for the cleanup. Once the Halloween stuff is put away the focus will shift to hunting for greenery to dress up the window boxes and urns. Yes, my friends the next(Canadian) holiday is only 53 days away!

We had a grand total of 5 trick or treaters at our door last night. Not that we ever get a lot - the neighbourhood kids have all grown up. My co-workers will be enjoying some sugary delights on Monday! The weather was fantastic - warm and dry. The ghosts and goblins can be packed away dry and tidy until next year.

Happy November 1st! Gotta go now and take down those spider webs!

PS...Check out these incredible carvings.

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tina said...

I also had 5 trick or treaters-and was most happy with them. Though three were a neighbor's kids. They count too:)