Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lack of Comments Is Puzzling

I'm confused. When I started my first and only blog, (this one) in March, I received comments on a regular basis. Since June 22 I have received only 3 comments.

Am I doing something wrong? I know that I am not the best at commenting on your blogs, but I have commented to other bloggers on several occasions.

I guess I just feel kind of 'left out' - should I be commenting on your blogs more often? Is there a blogging etiquette that I am missing? Or is everyone else like me, too busy to post a lot of comments lately?

I post pictures of my garden (maybe too many?) but maybe not enough other interesting tidbits?

Your comments (seriously) are welcome to help me understand the world of blogging and I promise not to cry like a baby any more.



Anonymous said...

I don't think there are too many photos on your site. I enjoy it when bloggers include pictures of their garden. I like to look at them closely to see what others are doing and pick up ideas.
Was your feed displaying on Blotanical over the summer? Some Blogger feeds were not displaying in the picks section.
I love your area of Ontario. My family has a cottage on Lake Huron, near Goderich, and we used to spend most of the summer there. Now I only get there every couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Just to follow up, I noticed that you don't have a Feedburner feed. Blogs hosted on Blogger, and without a Feedburner feed were not showing up on Blotanical in the picks section from June until now. Some people use that area as a feed reader, scanning for posts to read and visit. However, now it's the blogs that use Feedburner that are not showing up there. I noticed yours was now displaying.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Shirley .. Northern shade is right .. we all had to switch over to feedburner .. then Stuart had major issues with feeds etc .. that he had to reconcile .. maybe now you will have more viewers and comments .. so hang in there !
I'm 5b too .. Kingston : )

kompoStella said...

hmmm... now you confused me too... i read your blog regularly yet i don't comment on it. and i don't know why. i'll think and return, hopefully with an answer. in the mean time, please know that
1)i enjoy your pictures immensely
2)i originally came around because of the great name for you blog
3)i did the flower test 'cause i found it here at gardenessence and learnt that i was a snap dragon too :-)
4) (and this is the boring one) keep doing what you do, it seems like you enjoy it thoroughly and isn't that the most important?
pheeew... i'll shut up now :-D

Shirley said...

My biggest fear was that no one would comment on this post and I would still be left wondering... so I thank all of you for your comments! Thanks northern shade and gardenjoy4me for the update on the Feedburner issue. Kompostella, your comment was very uplifting too - and yes, I do enjoy what I am doing. I vow to visit and leave a comment at each of your blogs... my way of showing apprecitaton. Keep on checking in on mine and please dont' feel obligated to comment, I know now that you are visiting!