Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot and Cold

I started hitting the garden centres a couple of weeks ago. Last week I picked up quite a load - the annuals needed (yes, it is a need) to fill my containers. The weather wasn't exactly being cooperative, so every night we hauled the trays into the shop to avoid them being damaged from the wind and the cold.
So when the nice weather arrived on Sunday and it being the 25th of May, I was in a state of high excitement and proceeded to plant up all of my containers. There are a lot - ask Craig. Hanging, window boxes (11 in total) and various pots. I have to say they look wonderful. I am quite pleased with the outcome and look forward to watching them become established.
Well, I guess if I want to see them grow, I better haul them back into the shop tonight! After the temperature soared to a humid 27 yesterday, it dropped - this morning's temp was 5 degrees celcius. Today's forecast isn't pretty.
Craig is out in the shop now preparing a temporary depot for which to house pots and hanging baskets. Anything that cannot be moved will have to suffice with a covering of plastic or sheets. The sad but true life of the gardener - those better (warmer) days to come will make up for this, right?!

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