Sunday, February 24, 2008

Transforming a Backyard

Added for interest came arbours, a trellis here and there, a stone pathway, gates, birdhouses, feeders and baths
and a new garden on the east side of the house - my oasis - my vision was now a reality... but alas, what's happening now?

2003 - attack of the white grub. Our solution - rent a power thatcher and thatch the crap out of the lawn, let the birds feast on the grubs for several days, get some grass seed, water and hope for the best. As I write this I have to report that the white grub infestation still exists, we enjoyed what we thought was a grub-free lush green lawn for 4 years, but evidence of the problem retuned during the summer of 2007. We have hired a lawn care company and treatment will begin in 2008
The garden hose was laid out to outline a new garden along the west side of our property - something I had hoped to have some day - so do I thanks the grubs?

By now I was very seriously into gardening, reading a lot and learning by trial and error.

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